5 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out for 2023 and Beyond

Manila, Philippines – On August 13, 2022, hundreds of marketing professionals and agency leaders gathered to attend the most-awaited Peepcon Lite Manila for 2022. The Peepcon, short for “People’s Conference” has become a meeting venue for Filipinos in the Digital Marketing Industry, especially Search Engine Optimization in the Philippines. Renowned speakers shared digital marketing trends to watch out and effective techniques that fellow search marketers could use to improve SEO practices.

Here are the top digital marketing insights shared in the Peepcon Lite Manila:


  1. Top Digital Marketing Insights
  2. Search Engine Optimization Tips
  3. Search Engine Optimization Reporting
  4. Digital Marketing Convention in the Philippines


Top Digital Marketing Insights

1. Quality Content versus AI-Generated Content

Ai Invasion

Mads Singers – The state of SEO in 2022

AI-based content creation tools use artificial intelligence to generate content based on commonly searched keywords. There has been a long debate on whether using AI-based content creation tools are beneficial for content marketers and SEO alike. Although these tools could speed up content generation, this may not exactly translate to having quality content that users may find useful.

According to John Mueller of Google, AI-generated content may still fall as automatically generated content which is still against the Webmaster’s Guidelines. Hence, it is still best to focus on creating quality content by answering relevant questions than long-form auto-generated content with lesser substance.

2. Pre-work for SEO Audit is as Important as Technical SEO Application

Audit Prework

Glen Dimaandal – The Truth About Technical SEO in 2022

Technical SEO is a major part of the entire search engine optimization strategy. It refers to the checking and improving of the website’s technical aspects to improve its visibility and increase the website’s rankings in the search engines. But before one should conduct technical optimizations within the website, it’s also important to do some pre-work for SEO Audit. This pre-work involves:

  • Checking of Traffic History – see if there are previous website migrations, web developer optimization, or other major issues experienced by the website before the SEO Audit.
  • Google Updates – check if there are major Google Updates that happened within the past months that may affect or create a major traffic change for the website.

3. Humanize Link Building Persona


Bernard San Juan – The 64 – Point Plan

In order to build real connections, improving a link-building persona may offer a great leap forward. Here are some tips discussed during the digital marketing convention:

  • Use a domain email – use a legitimate and professional-sounding domain email when reaching out to webmasters. For companies, it’s best to use a business email address for more authority.
  • Use a real person – it’s easier to build a profile of a real person than humanize a dummy account.
  • Create a good email signature – since link building strategies are mostly emails, having a well-designed email signature may also increase one’s authority and trustworthiness.

4. Avoid Getting Stuck by Regularly Checking Competitors

Traffic Plateau

Jason Acidre – Full-stuck SEO: What to do when you’re stuck?

No things to optimize? Jason Acidre of Avaris.IO and Grit.PH shared that this might be a usual concern, especially for long-time campaigns. However, avoid getting stuck inside the rabbit hole by regularly checking the competitors and monitoring Google’s core updates which could affect your stable traffic progression.

Aside from these tips, you may also re-evaluate your keywords list by checking new user intent and search demand. That said; you may also need to re-check your published content and landing pages to see if they are still aligned with your new campaign goals.

5. Produce Content for E-Commerce Sites

Ecommerce Content

Kherk Roldan – Boost Traffic & Sales with this E-commerce SEO Checklist

E-commerce products and services pages usually target broad match keywords to appear in more general terms. However, one could also optimize website traffic more by producing unique content with a more targeted keyword match to cover different types of user intent and cover all stages of the buyer’s journey. These contents may include blogs, images, videos, podcasts, and other media for seeding.


Search Engine Optimization Tips

Aside from the digital marketing trends, each of the speakers also shared related topics that would benefit digital agencies and freelancers in the Philippines to provide better digital marketing services to various brand campaigns.

Here are the areas to check and optimize to make your websites more visible for search engines and generate traffic that could later translate to quality leads:

  • Technical Aspects – includes the performance, crawlability, and page experience of the website.
  • Content – composed of all the published blogs, images, videos, and other types of media within the website.
  • Localization – optimization techniques that seek to target local organic search results.
  • Popularity Signals – includes links that boost a website’s link popularity.
  • Google Analytics – properly tracking of campaigns through properly installed Google Analytics code within a website.


Search Engine Optimization Reporting

Apart from providing SEO tips, the speakers also highlight the importance of tracking the SEO campaign efforts. Specifically, Gab Valimento mentioned the following SEO reporting Do’s and Don’ts that all SEO specialists should watch out.


  • Focus on a few metrics that are important for the client
  • Create and send reports on a monthly or quarterly basis
  • Show progress overtime
  • Include a list of work you’ve accomplished this month and the action items that you want to do next month.
  • Customize every report per client


  • Do not assume that your client knows the technical jargon of SEO
  • Do not confuse them with so much data in the report
  • Do not write lengthy explanations. Stick to table, graph and bullet points
  • Do not ignore issues, positive or negative trends
  • Do not set unrealistic goals for the clients


Digital Marketing Convention in the Philippines

Peepcon Lite Digital Trends

According to Glenn Dimaandal of Searchworks.PH, the digital marketing, especially SEO, landscape in the Philippines has improved throughout the years. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, many business industries tapped the help of online marketers to reach out to their audience amidst lockdowns. With the help of conferences like Peepcon Lite Manila, digital marketers will have a platform to discuss digital marketing trends to watch out for 2022 and continuously share knowledge to improve digital marketing in the Philippines.

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Photos: Photos are from Peepcon Lite Manila presentations.