Digital Marketing Trends to Look Out For In 2015

Digital marketing is one of the most dynamic industries in the world today. Trends come and go almost the same time Taylor Swift drops a new single. As a business owner, you need to adapt so that your marketing efforts will be fruitful. This year, there will be changes and trends that will hit the digital marketing landscape. Let’s look at some of them so that you can keep yourself ahead of the game.

Better and Stronger Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Businesses

Google changes its search algorithms around 500-600 times a year. These updates are more sophisticated than the previous ones. Meaning, Google now favoring quality of quantity. An SEO specialist must now re-learn his craft and earn links versus merely building links. How this can be done deserves an entire set of separate articles which will come your way very soon.

SEO has come a long way. Aside from being on top of SERPs, there is also a growing trend, albeit still very limited, of using audio patterns and speech-to-text to look for what a user needs. This is significant in mobile SEO, as more and more people prefer to search using their mobile devices.

As early as today, you can invest in a site that is mobile responsive so that when this algorithm update takes full effect (it will be a matter of time), you are prepared.

More Personal Advertising on Social Media Sites

More social media sites will sprout in the next few years; and most probably, these sites will be made for harnessing personal data (AKA growth hacking). The data gathered from the users will be used for targeted advertising.

Also in 2015, advertising channels for social media will boom because of all the information that we indirectly share through our check-ins, interests, and networks. When the gods behind social media have all this information, they can tell what you want or need thus selling it to you.

A More “Adapting” Website

In 2015, web designs will evolve from just “web design” into a “website that adopts with the owner or visitor of the site.” Through the collective information of human behavior, marketing, sales, SEO, and social media, web design is now achievable in just an hour. Don’t believe us? Here’s proof.

Moreover, expect the growth of web design services under SAAS (Software as a Service). Noting that technology such as The Grid already initiated AI web design, there will be more websites bulit on this; thus increasing the interest of the people.

Responsive Websites

Responsive websites will explode in 2015. As mobile use continues to increase, it will become the primary tool for searching, selling, and buying goods online. Your website should be ready as early as now. In addition, mobile responsiveness is already an SEO criterion of Google.

A mobile responsive website is one that fits the screen of your device without zooming in or out. Normally, the positions of the elements are re-arranged so that the readability and ease of navigation of the content is maximized.

There are more digital marketing trends coming our way in 2015; but the key in surviving (aside from adaptation) the changes is to be always updated. Knowledge about the changes will help you create necessary upgrades to your site (re: web design) as well as plan for your next marketing campaigns.