Content Strategies That Will Rule the Digital Space in Years Beyond

It’s the time of the year again where every company is working out their campaign strategies for the incoming year. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 64% of marketers are increasing their budget, with focus on content. This means that content will play a huge role in future strategies. Well-targeted, specific topics, and high social media relevance dominating the criteria for content this year, what are some of the changes that we are about to see in years to come?

Six Content Strategies

Here are 6 content strategies that will be very visible for the years to come:

Focus on one thing and do it well

More number of blog entries does not always equate to more leads or website traffic. Sometimes, all you need is one good article that will make your audience wanting more. You don’t always have to conform with putting X number of articles just to have traffic, but rather, always make it a goal to give your audience good reason and value for coming back.

Rahul Varshneya asks in his post for “Are you building a publication or a brand? Don’t be somewhere in the middle.” In order to come up with juicy and worthwhile piece, always look at what your company stands up for and its goals. With this in mind, even a once-a-week article or video post; albeit unique and value-giving will create and snowball into a consistent following.

Go visual

Visuals are going to be big next year! Think outside the box and expand your horizon. In his piece for iamwire, Zafar Rais suggests to explore infographics, memes, engaging banners, and even videos. However, he reminds that having a strong knowledge and understanding of the current tools used by big players in the industry will leave your audience amazed and at the same time, will have high recall value for your brand.

Embrace data

Planning is an essential part of content creation; so as measuring. The team at Neosperience argues that currently, a lot of companies are still not measuring their content because oftentimes, they do not know what tools to use.

Starting in 2016, measure your content because it will give you a lot of insights to your activities. Invest in tools and time to have the data that you need.

Seize the micro-moments

Just like social media, mobile will continue to grow in the next years. Marcus Stoll from Inside Performance Marketing suggests that when it comes to content, it will no longer be about reach and volume in the future. Rather, it is going to be about the “ability to reach people in the moment, with the right content and message.” He stresses that companies should not only focus on how to capture their audience, but rather, when.

This is what he calls micro-moments; and to capture this, be useful and be quick. Understand first what micro-moments are happening, when to present, and use these data to find out drives your audience to these.

Content will explore edgier social media platforms

Facebook will still be a big thing for years to come, but newer social platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat will rise from the line-up. Once considered as “too unproven and too on the fringe” to warrant value, it is now opening up to advertising opportunities which might be useful for your business.

In a nutshell

Despite all the content trends that will come in the coming years, genuine engagement will still be nourished by high-quality and value-adding contents that are rooted in your identity. User experience should also be on top of mind because these two factors are what will ultimately make you memorable.