Corporate Branding

The not-so-secret secret to creating a recognizable identity for your brand in the Philippines lies in consistent corporate branding.

Of course, corporate branding isn’t just limited to the aesthetics of your brand. In addition to having a well-designed logo and website, corporate branding is also evident from the look and feel of your social media accounts, and even in the way you interact with customers and handle their concerns. In essence, corporate branding refers to the aspects of your digital marketing strategy that your customers can come in direct contact with, thereby shaping their perception of your brand in a lasting way.

That’s why handling corporate branding requires a moderate level of expertise, particularly when it comes to SEO and social media management. At Maxweb, we cover all the important areas of your corporate branding, ranging from the basics such as logo creation to more complex and sophisticated creative output such as playbooks, brand bibles, and the like. We carefully study your brand in order to put together a set of guidelines on designs, customer service etiquette, and other company-specific branding aspects.

Maxweb handles corporate branding unlike any other digital marketing agency in the Philippines. Our integrated approach can put focus on SEO and social media strategies in order to maintain the consistency of your corporate branding, from making sure that customer inquiries are adequately addressed to guaranteeing that your brand is strongly associated with the concept or idea you want it to be attached to for maximum recall. With our corporate branding services, you can also ensure that your brand’s overall look and feel will remain consistent across your website and marketing materials.

Take a big step towards establishing a well-defined corporate identity for you and your brand with Maxweb.