Who We Are

Maxweb, Inc. was established in 2011 as web development and SEO company in the Philippines designed to bring digital marketing to small and medium enterprises. Since then, we have evolved into a performance marketing agency with a focus on not just growing our client's online audience, but also increase business performance.  Backed by more than ten years of existence in the industry, we have continued to establish ourselves as a performance-focused team with a knack for producing results.

We are Maxweb, and we are all about innovation and performance.

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Our Purpose

To empower individuals and organizations through innovative digital solutions.



We on-goingly cultivate an undeniable devotion to mastering our craft.



Being honest and upright, doing what we say, and saying what we do. In the same breath, we do it purposefully for the greater good.



A passion for identifying unarticulated needs to drive relevant solutions for individuals and organizations.



The active practice of anticipating the needs of the other person and meet those needs before that person realizes the need themselves.

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Founder / Partner

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Managing Director / Partner

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Head of Data and Technology

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Research & Strategy Manager

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Data & Technology Manager

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Visual Creatives Manager

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Associate HR and Admin Officer

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Junior Research & Strategy Officer

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Senior Finance Officer

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Senior Account Manager

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Junior Visual Creatives Officer

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Our Culture

At Maxweb, we believe in empowering people and organizations through innovative digital solutions. We've always placed our bets in the future by basing our strategies and resources on the latest developments in social media, search engines, and technology. We aim to push the boundaries of what's possible in the realm of digital communication, reaching people in ways that would not have ever been possible before.  ​ Performance-based online marketing is the name of the game. Whether you’re after brand awareness, lead generation, or revenue generation, we focus on what's important to your business. Through well-researched digital marketing strategies, SEO, and social media solutions; our team of experts will ensure that your business in the Philippines will not only gain people's attention but also generate sustainable growth to keep you thriving.